when does the iwatch come out

When Does the iWatch Come Out?

Find Out When Apple's new iWatch is Released!

release date of apple's iwatch

Apple has a long history of releasing innovative products. By looking at Apple's history of releasing new product categories, particularly in the 2nd coming of Steve Job's era, we can estimate when the iWatch will be released by Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook. Let's figure out when the iWatch will come out.

Let's take a look at the original release dates for the original iPod, iPhone, and iPad:

Product Announce Date Release Date [United States]
iMac (G3)
June 13th, 1998
August 15th, 1998
June 11th, 2001
October 23rd 2001
iPhone 1
January 9th 2007
June 29th 2007
iPad 1
January 2010
March 2010

Note that the pattern here shows that starting from Steve Jobs second return (around 1997), we have a new product line in 1998, then 3 years later (iPod in 2001), 6 years go by to get to the iPhone (2007), and then 3 years to get to the iPad (2010). This means, it typically takes Apple 3 years to introduce a new hardware product line.

I believe the gap between 2001 to 2007 was caused by a few things. Apple had never really done wireless, and never had to partner with carriers, and the scale required to build up a smartphone (which greatly surpassed what anyone else could do or even think of) led to the iPhone being particularly revolutionary, and hence delayed. I am putting this in the anomalous category. Now, given that the iWatch will not require any partnering, and the technology involved is likely not as revolutionary as the original iPhone (think iPad or iPod level of revolution here), I am predicting a late 2013 release date for the iWatch. Just to be overly ambitious, lets just say in late September, when Apple typically does iPod launches, they will also announce the iWatch. So: iWatch announced September 2013, available late October 2013. You heard it here first, folks.

They already have a crappy "iWatch" ipod nano, and it seems likely that they can repurpose a lot of this hardware and operating system, along with bluetooth pairing to an iPhone, to get where they need to go. Here is an artists rendering of what it might look like:

apple's new iwatch device

Note that the name "iWatch" is all but confirmed, as Apple has filed trademark for the iWatch name in many countries as of 2013.

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